Grayling donates 10% of all proceeds.

Ten years ago, our Founder launched Grayling to challenge long-held jewelry industry practices and make a positive impact in the world. Here's what makes us different.


Grayling Philosophy


We make jewelry that feels (and does) good. For over ten years, Grayling has been committed to creating modern nickel-free jewelry that is safe for everyone, including people with sensitive skin. With an estimated 15-20% of humans allergic to nickel (including our Founder Katy), it's an exhilarating approach.

We believe everyone should be able to wear jewelry without having to worry about toxic chemicals. Nickel, along with metals like chromium, lead, cadmium, are commonly used in pieces made by fast-fashion brands even though these heavy metals are known carcinogens. As a U.S.-based jewelry company with primarily U.S.-based suppliers, we have strong control over our supply chain. The result is a safer, more comfortable product we feel proud to sell and personally wear ourselves.

Read on for more info on our materials and team below.

Grayling Philosophy


Jewelry is more than just an accessory—it can be a link to a stronger community. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, our Founder made a new pledge to donate 10% of all proceeds to hard-working organizations.

With help from our customers, we have created the equivalent of 400,000 meals with Feeding America! And in 2020 alone, we donated over $50,000 to numerous non-profits with a specific focus on Black-led organizations, including:

Endo Black

Feeding America

The Loveland Foundation

The Black Mamas Matter Alliance

The Marsha P. Johnson Institute

The Endometriosis Research Center

The American Red Cross

Basic Rights Oregon


Together, we're fighting hunger, funding endometriosis research and supporting Black mamas before, during and after pregnancy. We're lending a hand to local animal sanctuaries, LGBTQIA organizations, orphanages and clean water programs. And we're showing up for communities of color with a particular focus on Black women and girls. Receipts are posted to our Instagram page so you can follow along!

Not every company does things this way. But it assures we all shine. Together.

If there is an organization you feel we should know about, please send us a note - we'd love to hear from you!


Grayling Philosophy


We love to see you sparkle, and we'll settle for nothing less than the best. That's why we use incredibly brilliant, highly-faceted elements from coveted houses like Swarovski to make our baubles shimmer.

We source the majority of our raw materials from U.S. based suppliers, because the beauty of our bling is more than skin deep. Our production team works with third-party verified recycled metals that are eco-friendly whenever possible. We value the long-standing relationships we've established with family-owned plating houses, chain makers, and distributors around the U.S. 

At Grayling, we care about your health (and ours). We will not use cheap metal fillers such as cadmium, lead or nickel in our jewelry. We adhere to strict quality control standards so everyone can feel safe and comfortable wearing our handmade pieces.

Grayling Jewelry Philosophy


We make things by hand. One piece at a time. When Katy launched Grayling, she made a conscious decision to hand-make our jewelry in the U.S., which creates local jobs and assures our pieces are of the highest quality. Our pieces are made with responsibility in mind.

No factories. No assembly lines. Just a small group of artisans that care about every single piece that leaves our studio. 
We are a close-knit team and believe in having fun in life at the studio and beyond (we drop everything for mimosas and cat memes)! 

Every member of our team is paid at or above Oregon's minimum wage and receives paid time off after one year of employment. Managers are eligible for health insurance and retirement benefits. 

Our work standards go beyond laws set forth by the Fair Labor Standards Act, the state of Oregon, and the Bureau of Labor and Industry to assure Grayling is a healthy, safe, and engaging work environment.

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