Lived-in luxury:

Designed to be lived in — you’ll love the 24/7 comfort and low-fuss style.

Hypoallergenic titanium is a dream come true for nickel allergies or sensitive skin and won't rust or fade.

Our Applicator + Insertion Tool eliminates all styling stress so you can say hello to your new earring obsession!

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    WHY you need 'em

    Designed to sleep in

    Skin-friendly (nickel-free)

    Waterproof + tarnish-proof

    Poke-free earring back

    Styling is a breeze

    rave reviews for a reason


    "Ahhhhdorable! These are so cute - just what I was looking for-nap proof and small for a 2nd or 3rd ear lobe piercing."

    Heather D.

    "With the flat back, it’s so comfy; feels barely-there. I kept it in for a week straight right after I got it. Elegant with an edge."

    David W.

    "Perfect! I've not worn earrings more than a handful of times over the years because they cause so much pain, but I've had these in for weeks with no problems at all."

    Jillian L.

    "Absolutely love! These earrings are amazing. I haven't taken them out. You can't even feel them when you sleep. They are tiny, so they are perfect for a second or third hole earring."

    Haley L.

    "Great for my upper ear! I haven't worn an earring in my cartilage piercing for years because it was so uncomfortable. With this flat back, I keep it in all the time. Beautiful earring too!"

    Kristen R.

    "I love wearing over the ear headphones but normal earrings hurt while wearing them (and sleeping). These don’t hurt at all!! I forget im wearing them 🤭🤭 Will be buying more flat backs!!"

    Liza A.

    "I love these earrings. I’ve been wearing them 24/7 for about 3 weeks. No skin irritation. Very comfortable and lightweight."

    Sherri M.

    "Love these flat backs! They are so much less likely get caught on hair, clothes, mask loops, etc. Keeping them in is a dream and so comfortable, especially while sleeping."