Nickel Allergy Free - Grayling Jewelry


Why is Grayling committed to creating nickel free jewelry that is safe for sensitive skin? It’s personal. Our designer, Katy Kippen, is highly allergic to nickel. She created Grayling specifically for stylish women with sensitive skin like hers.

Grayling adheres to standards set forth by the European Union, which are higher than standards set forth by the United States government (1). Our high quality jewelry can be worn by virtually everyone, without a risk of irritation. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Grayling makes it possible to have both.

Our jewelry is backed by a two-year limited warranty against all defects, including anything in our metal that may bother your skin. So go ahead, give our nickel free designs a try. 

If you're not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money. Guaranteed.


What causes a nickel allergy? One major cause is piercing. If the object used to pierce the body contains nickel, or a stud contains nickel, skin can become sensitive and an allergic reaction is triggered.

Despite the fact that nickel allergies affect an estimated 17% of women, there is no “cure”. Limiting exposure to items that aren’t nickel free is the only way to manage a nickel allergy (1).

Nickel allergy affects women 3 to 10 times more than men and is usually due to daily contact with jewelry, garments and wristwatches. Nickel has been the most frequent cause of contact allergies for decades, and jewelry is the number one reason allergic reactions occur (2).

Nickel allergy (or allergic contact dermatitis) occurs when a substance to which you’re sensitive to triggers an immune reaction in your skin. Reactions vary depending on exposure, and range from redness to hives and swelling (3).