Tips & Tricks: Accessorizing a Large Bust or Petite Frame

When it comes to fashion there are certain 'rules' that are assumed to be true like "big earrings are only for going out" or "you can't wear statement jewelry with a casual outfit". But, much like the jewelry myths we cover in the blog post below, these 'rules' are often far from the truth (and can be limiting)!

We chatted with Personal Stylist Scarlet Chamberlin to end the myth on two fashion 'rules' that she comes across the most often with her clients: "women with fuller chests can't wear long necklaces" and "petite women can't wear statement jewelry." 

Keep reading for Scarlet's tips & tricks for accessorizing a large bust or petite frame, modeled by two stylish real-life Grayling customers!

"Getting dressed can be really fun when working with a wardrobe that sparks your creativity. Confident women tend to want a thoughtful selection of stylish pieces that are comfortable, travel-friendly, and versatile. The easiest way to spice things up and add dimension to your core basics is with signature accessories. Grayling jewels add an element of playfulness which I love." 


"Contouring silhouettes with an easy drape punctuated with statement shoes and layered jewels is a look I adore. I call it “luxe casual”. This kind of vibe works anywhere in Portland. The Hampton Convertible Necklace anchors her blouse to her figure in a flattering way and it’s layered with the classic Basaltic Necklace to frame her clavicle. The Edessa Earrings echo the layered effect. En could switch out her shoes with platform sneaks and her earrings with Audrey Swarovski Crystal Studs to run around town in looking equally current."

 "Petite women can wear statement necklaces. In this look, Nancy is rocking the mixed metal Crystalline Convertible Necklace and the Celestial Necklace that is so fun worn tucked under the collar of a button-down shirt. It says “I’m not taking myself too seriously” and keeps the tailored look feminine. I could see her wrapped in this season’s leopard print jacket revealing the Menara Bracelet on her pretty wrist, of course!"


"En has an adventurous sense of style. We paired her slouchy cashmere sweater with her pleated lamé midi skirt and mules. To accentuate her waist, we used a vintage brass safety pin belt. Because all of these pieces are textured and full, we balanced the look with the delicate Capri Convertible Necklace. The pendant lands at the narrowest part of her torso, just under her bust; this is a lovely spot to draw attention to. The Sorrento Drop Hoop Earrings complete the look. Every gal should have a pair of these (in silver or gold). Hoops are back!"


"The Lyra Convertible Necklace is the perfect statement piece for a petite woman to try if she’s just starting to experiment with bold jewelry. This is because it is substantial in size but subtle in color. Wear it with a t-shirt and distressed denim or with silky separates like this. This blue surplice top with the burgundy pencil skirt and nude wedge heels got Nancy just a bit out of her comfort zone and it totally worked! She looks beautiful and authentic."
-Scarlet Chamberlin

Whether you have a larger bust or a petite frame (or both, or neither) getting dressed and accessorizing your wardrobe can be really fun when you play by your own rules. At Grayling, the only rule we think you should follow is if it makes you happy...wear it! 

Inspired to try any of the looks Scarlet put together? Want more posts like these? Let us know in the comments below!

P.S. Thank you to En and Nancy for playing dress up with us! 

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