7 Jewelry Rules You Should Be Breaking

Have you ever been told not to wear fashion jewelry with fine jewelry? Or that mixing metals is wrong? Well we're here to shake up 7 traditional jewelry rules.

1. You can't wear statement necklaces with casual outfits.

statement necklace formal

You can absolutely wear a statement necklace with something as casual as a t-shirt or sweater. Don't miss out on wearing your favorite pieces just because you don't have a formal occasion on the calendar!

statement necklace casual

2. You can't wear a watch with bracelets.

statement necklace formal

With the trend of bracelet stacks, watches and bracelets together are a must!

statement necklace casual

3. No mixing metals

all gold style

Break from tradition and buck this one-metal rule. Mixing metals keeps your look fresh and gives you more jewelry combinations to wear!

mixed metals

4. You need the matching earrings and bracelet.

matching set

Matchy matchy is out! Instead, look for sets that coordinate but aren't exactly the same.

jewelry set

5. Big earrings are only for going out.

statement earrings

We love statement earrings, so why not wear them all day? Wear your favorite pair to dress up an every day outfit.

knight rider earrings

6. You can't mix fashion and fine jewelry.

fine jewelry

Fashion jewelry is looking better than ever! Toss this rule and pair together your favorite pieces, no matter the price difference.

chevalier necklace

7. You're too young for pearls.

pearls grace kelly

No more waiting for your 50th to wear these beauties. These new styles aren't your grandmother's pearls.

kyoto pearl necklace

One rule you should follow

If it makes you happy...wear it!

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