Flat Back Stud Replacement Posts — Set of Two — FREE SHIPPING
Flat Back Stud Replacement Posts — Set of Two — FREE SHIPPING
Flat Back Stud Replacement Posts — Set of Two — FREE SHIPPING
Flat Back Stud Replacement Posts — Set of Two — FREE SHIPPING
Flat Back Stud Replacement Posts — Set of Two — FREE SHIPPING
Flat Back Stud Replacement Posts — Set of Two — FREE SHIPPING
Flat Back Stud Replacement Posts — Set of Two — FREE SHIPPING

Flat Back Stud Replacement Posts — Set of Two — FREE SHIPPING

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IMPORTANT our replacement backs are specifically crafted for push-in threadless flat back studs. They are not compatible with threaded posts or standard studs.

Customize the fit of your Grayling flat-back sleeper studs and modern nose studs with ease! We offer several thicknesses and lengths so you can style your flat backs in all your various piercings.

Piercing Size Guide

Earlobe 20G 6mm fits most. We offer 5mm for thin earlobes and 8mm for thick earlobes (or freshly pierced ears).
Nostril 18G or 20G 6mm fits most. We offer 5mm for thinner nostrils.
Tragus (ear) 16G or 18G 5mm or 6mm
Antitragus (ear) 16G 6mm
Helix (ear) 16G or 18G 6mm or 8mm
Forward Helix (ear) 16G or 18G 5mm
Flat (ear) 16G 6mm or 8mm
Conch (ear) 16G or 18G 6mm or 8 mm
Rook (ear) 16G 6mm
Medusa (mouth) 16G 8mm
Labret (mouth) 16G 8mm

*These guidelines serve as suggestions only; sizing varies based on anatomy. The higher the number, the thinner the gauge.

The standard size we sell with all our Flat Back Studs is 6mm/20 gauge, as that size fits most people for earlobe and nose piercings. 

Our Flat Back Replacement Posts are perfect for when it's time to "downsize" after a fresh piercing. Most piercers use an 8mm back (or larger) to allow for swelling and recommend downsizing to 6mm or 5mm once a piercing is fully healed. If you’re not sure, please refer to the chart above or contact us

Crafted with a smooth, no-poke back, our posts are incredibly comfortable to wear (and sleep in). Each piece is created with solid implant-grade titanium, so they won’t rust or fade when worn in the shower or to the gym. Super lightweight, sweatproof, waterproof — what more could a jewelry lover ask for?

Take a look at our how-to guide and video to learn more about our easy, sleep-friendly flat-back earrings.

• Sold as a pair ONLY 
• Compatible with threadless, push-pin design flat back fronts ONLY
• Length: choose between 5mm-8mm - please contact us if you need a different post length 
• Gauge: choose between 16-20 gauge
• Material: 100% nickel free ASTM F136 implant-grade titanium (gold is a long-wearing, ultra-waterproof PVD finish) 
• Sourced in partnership with a family-owned facility in California

FITTING NOTES: If the earring doesn’t stay together, don’t worry! To create tension, insert the front pin halfway into its back and bend slightly. Once completely inserted into the back, the now-bent front pin should create enough tension to secure both pieces together.

*this item is not eligible for discounts or promotions 

“Our flat back studs are a dream come true for those who don’t take out earrings at night (or ever)! Designed to be put in and left in — you’ll love the 24/7 comfort and low-fuss style. Made to mix, match, and layer, these earrings are crafted from skin-friendly medical-grade titanium, an approved material for safety in all earring applications by the Association of Professional Piercers — even fresh piercings! If you have difficulty finding earrings due to a nickel allergy or skin sensitivity, our flat back studs will be your new best friend!”

10% donated to charity.

Happiness. Guaranteed.

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