Handmade - Grayling Jewelry


Grayling Jewelry is designed and made in the studio behind our store in Portland, Oregon, with our very own hands.

Unlike just about everything else you’ll find out there today, our pieces are made entirely by hand in the U.S.A. No factories, no assembly lines, just a small group of dedicated artisans who care about every piece that leaves our store.

We love Portland, but even more, we love that each and every piece that arrives at your door was made by us, to be worn by you.

Grayling provides American jobs for passionate artists, thinkers, and doers. Every member of the Grayling family is treated with respect and love. No one is paid minimum wage, and hard work is rewarded generously. We believe in quality of life at work and off the clock (and lots of pit stops for champagne)!

Visit our store in Portland's Alberta Arts District to see our makers at work.