Jewelry Care

We highly recommend you wipe down your pieces with a cotton cloth after every wear. If they require extra oomph, add an ammonia-free cleaner when wiping it down. Think Windex Multi-purpose Vinegar solution or Simple Green. Spritz just a little solution onto a lint-free or cotton cloth and wipe down the jewelry from there. Simple vinegar works, as well.

Pre-treated cloths or expensive cleaners are not required (the use of pre-treated jewelry cloths on electroplated pieces will wear down the finish at an accelerated rate). 

Another thing that helps to preserve the high-quality finish is to make the jewelry the last item you put on, and the first thing you take off when you get home. No perfume, lotion, sunscreen, etc. In addition to storing the jewels in a dry place, this will all work to minimize exposure to liquids and keep your gems in great shape.

It is very important that abrasive jewelry cleaners are NOT used on plated items -- that applies to all plated items, no matter where you get them. As an example, the cloth used to clean sterling silver has an embedded mild abrasive in it, and it will remove and score (or abrade) all plated products.


The best way to clean the metal on plated jewelry is with a simple cleaner (like Mr. Clean) or mild liquid soap and dry with a cloth. Be careful not to use cleaners on your stones or crystals. They should be cleaned with a dry cloth only.

Our finishes are thicker than industry standard and very durable, however, they are susceptible to wear depending on the conditions they are subject to. Some of the worst conditions are presented by lotions, perfumes, and sweat all of which are acidic, and will deteriorate the finish at an accelerated rate. Showering and swimming will also affect how a finish wears.
Some finishes will tarnish more easily than others, with the most susceptible being antiqued silver. Protectants are applied to all our finishes to help prevent or slow this process, but tarnishing may still happen depending on what you expose your jewelry to. You can clean tarnish off your jewelry with a soft dry cloth. Minimizing exposure to lotions, perfumes, sweat, and water, as well as cleaning your jewelry after every wear, will help protect the metal finish. Do not sleep or exercise in your new electroplated jewelry. 
If you have any questions please contact us, we'd be glad to help!