How to Get in on the Permanent Bracelet Trend

in Portland, Oregon

The new permanent bracelet trend is, well... trending for a good reason. Not only are welded bracelets super stylish, but they're also impossible to leave on your nightstand — a massive bonus if you're the forgetful type. So where can you find one in Portland, Oregon? Visit the pros at Grayling, home of Portland's #1 permanent jewelry studio. (aptly called ENDLESS). Each infinity bracelet is made-to-measure just for you by experts who guarantee an exceptional fit around your wrist.

What is a Permanent bracelet?

Permanent bracelets (also known as welded, infinity, forever, or bestie bracelets) are created from a continuous loop of chain — without  a clasp. Once you select the perfect chain from Grayling's ever-expanding collection, an expert will custom-fit and weld the end of the chain to itself. Each bracelet is "permanent" because to remove it, you'll need scissors. The process is entirely painless from start to finish.  

Cost of a permanent bracelet

Pricing for permanent bracelets in Grayling's Portland studio begins at $78. This price includes the cost of custom-fitting and welding by one of Grayling's expert jewelers. A typical solid gold bracelet ranges from $128-198. Prices vary depending on the materials and length of chain you desire. Permanent necklaces and permanent anklets are also available at Grayling. 

Don't stress! 

In the event of surgery or an MRI, you can cut off your bracelet with a scissor, and it can be re-welded back on at a later date. In addition, permanent bracelets will not need to be removed for airport security.

Expert Tip

Fit is everything when it comes to welded jewelry. Wearing a bracelet in your preferred length to your appointment will help you nail the perfect measurement.

Aftercare & cleaning

Not all permanent bracelets are created equal. At Grayling, only the most durable materials that are safe for 24/7 wear are available. So you can shower, sleep and sweat in your permanent bracelet without it losing its color. To restore shine, Sunshine Polishing Cloths are the best! 

Caring for Sterling Silver 

Wearing your welded sterling silver bracelet in a hot tub, pool, or in the ocean will result in a dull gray tarnish. Clean this film off as soon as possible after swimming to restore your permanent bracelet's original luster. Sunshine Polishing Cloths make this part easy!

Permanent bracelets are unique in that they can be made in any size you like. If you've been dreaming of a bracelet stack that doesn't twist upon itself, you've found the right place. Grayling can add charms and customize your links with pearls or gemstones for a look that's yours and yours alone. 

Permanent bracelets also make THE PERFECT GIFT. Grayling offers permanent jewelry gift cards so you can gift the experience to someone you love (and maybe even joined them to get linked)!

Create your own stack!

Create your own permanent bracelet stack with fun charms and links

Learn More

There's an entire FAQ page to the most commonly asked questions regarding permanent jewelry, including info regarding walk-ins vs. appointments, private parties, and more!

So, now that we've shared the nitty gritty, is it time for you to get in on the permanent bracelet trend in Portland, Oregon? Visit ENDLESS at Grayling Jewelry for a unique experience you can share with your bestie, mama, sister, or partner. Hope to see you soon!

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