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weightless huggies

Extremely light and easy to layer, the video above demonstrates how to insert Grayling's signature Weightless Huggies into any piercing.

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Locking huggies

Perfect for naps (with no-poke backs!) watch and learn how Grayling's locking huggies click securely into place for comfort and durability. 

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Weightless Hoop Earrings

Here's a quick tutorial on how to insert Weightless Hoops in your piercings the easy way (plus a quick demo of the various sizes offered).

How to Reshape

Are your hoop earrings bent out of shape? Good news: it's easy to restore the original look of your hoops with the tips & tricks in this video.

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Pura 3-in-1 Necklace

The Pura 3-in-1 Necklace length allows for a long loop, doubled up, or even Y-necklace styling - plus, it layers like a dream.