pride collection

Whether you want to show your own pride or show up as an ally, we hope you feel beautiful and radiant in our newest styles.



    PRIDE MONTH + beyond

    At Grayling, we believe that being an ally is about respect, acceptance, and educating ourselves and those around us.

    We use our dollars to support LGBTQIA+ businesses, our voices to call out harassment and bullying, and our vote to champion leaders who prioritize equity.

    So let's shine with pride. Adorn yourself in glitter and rainbows to celebrate your true self!

    what you'll love:

    Head-turning lustrous color

    Skin-friendly (nickel-free)

    Waterproof + tarnish-proof

    365 days of pride

    Grayling donates 100% of proceeds from our Rainbow Necklace to local and national LGBTQIA+ organizations. With your help, we've raised more than $3,000, and we're not stopping anytime soon.