Traveling with Jewelry: 3 Packing Tips & Tricks

There’s nothing worse than opening your suitcase to find your jewelry in a tangled mess and then spending half an hour trying to untangle it. 

(Been there, not doing it again!)

In this post, we're sharing 3 of our favorite packing tips and tricks straight from our designer, Katy, an organizing guru who has traveled with hundreds of pieces of jewelry (trade shows, anyone?).
 Whether you're packing for a two-week trip to Maui or a weekend getaway to the coast, it's important to keep your jewelry safe, secure, and organized so you can stress less and still look fabulous!

Here are three of our best tips for traveling with jewelry and keeping it tangle-free, without spending hours searching for the perfect "travel roll" (trust us: they're all too small for die-hard jewelry lovers)!

---> BONUS: each of these methods costs under $10! <---

The Ziploc Method:

Zip each individual piece of jewelry into a sandwich Ziploc bag. Then, put all the sandwich bags into a quart sized Ziploc bag. Make sure to zip necklace chains right up into the “lip” so they don't tangle. This method is perfect for delicate chains or earrings with small stones or beads.

Tip: Pierce earring backs into the plastic zipper for added security.

The Bubble Wrap Method: 

Unroll approximately 2-3 feet of thin bubble wrap. Begin placing your smallest pieces, like stud earrings first, and end with your larger pieces, like statement necklaces. Be sure to lay pieces of jewelry on the bubble wrap about 1-2 inches apart. Once you have all your jewelry in place, roll tightly. Secure ends with 2 hair ties or ribbons. Your jewelry will arrive at its final destination completely tangle free!

Tip: Place the roll in a small dust bag from a handbag or pair of shoes, and toss in your carry on or purse! Your baubles will be snug as a bug in a rug (but prettier, obviously).

The Pill Case & Button Method:

Use pill case compartments to keep track of smaller jewelry items such as rings and earrings. You can also use buttons to keep earrings organized by fastening them through the buttonholes before putting them in your suitcase. 

Tip: Rings and earrings over the size of a quarter are a better fit for the Bubble Wrap or Ziploc Method!

What are YOUR favorite ways to keep your jewelry organized while traveling?

Tell us in the comments below! 

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