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Founder & Lead Designer Katy Kippen

If you're a fan of our approach to versatile, sustainable jewelry, there's a good chance you'll enjoy this email. Is there anything more satisfying when your ensemble comes together without having to think about it? Add in bonus points for more outfits from fewer, better items and you're on your way to a great day. 

For me, less time stressing over what to wear = more energy going to things that really matter — designing new jewelry collections, quality time in the garden, or a walk around the neighborhood with our dogs.

Investing a little extra time when shopping for new pieces or re-working what I already have offers a welcome respite from the wild times we live in. I'm a huge fan of capsule wardrobes not only for the functionality; it gives me something constructive (no matter how seemingly trivial) to focus on. For me, it's like a little vacation from the real world.

That's why I think these three links are worth sharing.

Let's jump in!

Uncomplicated Spaces Blog
image credit: Uncomplicated Spaces

Building a Capsule Wardrobe

I've been following Gillian's blog for a long time. I appreciate how she always looks put together while pushing creative boundaries. Here, she expertly outlines the number of pieces and what exact types of clothing to put in your 30x30 capsule wardrobe. If you're interested in seeing how you might incorporate secondhand or vintage pieces, Gillian is a great gal to take cues from. Her blog is a fantastic resource in general.

While she doesn't mention jewelry in this post, don't overlook the power of a versatile accessory to switch up your looks - some great options to break up similar tones are scarves, bags, and a knockout necklace. For example, I dress in mostly beige and black, so pieces like this multifunctional necklace make dressing more exciting!



Universal Standard Portland Showroom

Size-Inclusive Elevated Clothing

Have you heard? Universal Standard now has a showroom in Portland! Universal Standard makes modern, elevated essentials for women size 00-40. Visits are by appointment only and you can bring a trusted friend (who knows your style but just might help push your limits a little).

We're hearing loads of positive feedback within our community and can't wait to check it out in person! If you're looking for a place to score great items for your capsule, this is where you want to start.

On my wish list: the Leeron Jacket because, well, just look at it. It makes everything look so COOOOOOL. It also complements the Emily Dress perfectly (just add a favorite pair of earrings). Tada!



Petra Alexandra One Shirt Eight Ways

One Shirt Eight Ways

A great top can be not one, not two, but eight things! Even though I don't wear skirts above the knee, that's actually my favorite look. And wearing the tee over a dress to create a totally different vibe! Versatility is the name of the game. 

Do you have any favorite style bloggers you'd like to share? 
Would you like to see the Grayling Gals do a video like this, perhaps with a few of our necklaces


P.S. if you're on the hunt for nice basics, one brand I adore is KOTN. As a certified B-Corp. they use Egyptian cotton and their supply chain traceability is impressive! 


Size 10 Womens Rings

New Ring Sizes Have Arrived!

We just added new sizes in some of our most popular rings! Sizes 4-10 are now available in the following styles:

Wrap Ring - all metals
Woven Ring - all metals 
Double Band Ring - all metals

Flat Band Ring - gold only - (sterling silver options coming soon)!

More than just good looks, our rings are made of high-quality, anti-tarnish materials, and guaranteed to be 100% hypoallergenic. Each band is handmade with love in our Portland studio from recycled sterling silver or 14-karat gold. 


 Grayling Jewelry Store Break In

Break-in at our brick and mortar :(

We had quite the eventful February in our little corner of the world! While we were in the throws of our Sample Sale, the shop was broken into by someone with some seriously bad karma. The thief was stopped by our double-pane glass, but not before grabbing some of our display jewelry!

As one Grayling lover put it: “you know you’ve made it when people want to start stealing your stuff”. HAHA!! Thankfully, Portland Police caught the culprit and our window has been restored to her sparkling beauty.

Grayling Jewelry Store Break In
The plywood coming down as the new window goes up. *Cheers!*

Grayling Jewelry Store Break In
The new window in all her sparkling glory! We think she looks even better than before. Don't you?

Last summer, I put out an open call for feedback — thank you to everyone who responded! We've been working behind the scenes on some new projects to make Grayling accessible to every single jewelry lover worldwide.

We recently met with trusted advocates from the plus-sized community (you'll be seeing more of Candace and Anna soon) and brainstormed how to make sure Grayling is a brand for all bodies.

It's all so exciting, and I can't wait to share it with you. 
Here's hoping we all get a --> nap like this <-- today!

Lead Designer / Founder

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