Staying Sane During Insane Times


In 2015, Grayling was very (and I mean VERY) close to going under. I had racked up $80,000 in business debt via overpriced, underperforming trade shows. If things didn't change, fast, we were out of business.

Around the same time, my health fell apart. Chronic stress from travel and business made way to multiple ailments and diagnoses. By the time I learned I had stage 3 endometriosis in 2016, I was but a shell of my former happy self. I woke up every morning in a panic for a year.

I had never felt so hopeless. And yet, I survived. I fought for and, with lots of help, moved Grayling into a beautiful brick and mortar store. Eventually, as a team, Grayling paid off all its business debt. I even found my own version of health again.

Sometimes pain and misery reveal the opportunity to learn how to take better care of ourselves. And in this email, I'm compelled to share the time-tested resources that have nourished me, time and time again.

I sincerely hope one of my favorite nourishing "jewels" helps you or a loved one have a better day. 


 When Things Fall Apart 
by Pema Chödrön

I think the title says it all. 
I find solace in Pema's words anytime it feels like the sky is falling.

Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal 
by Rachel Naomi Remen

This was recommended to me by my therapist a while back.
I've re-read it dozens of times.

Life Will Be The Death of Me 
by Chelsea Handler

One of my dearest friends gifted this to me during an especially difficult time, and it gave me laughs I didn't know I needed!


Community Meditation with Pause
Visit the Resources section for free Audio Meditations, or join a class online! 
I've gotten so much out of this community, I can't wait to sit in their gorgeous studio again.

Online Yoga Classes with Carol Grimes
I've been practicing with Carol for years and I'm so excited she's on Patreon!

Hannah Leatherbury on Insight Timer
I often start my day with one of Hannan's recordings.
The linked file feels especially relevant right now.




$chitt's Creek

The Spy Who Dumped Me

*Please share your favorite silly shows with me! We can always use more laughs!
Palais Royal Gardens, Paris France 2018


Banana Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies
*gluten and dairy-free! I blitz the chocolate chips first and flatten the cookies slightly.
Then I eat 1/2 the batter straight out of the bowl.

Apple Almond Muffins 
*gluten dairy and soy-free! I substituted pears once and it was excellent!
They are delicious when toasted.

Chrissy Teigen's Banana Bread
*gluten, ahoy! We removed the chocolate and added walnuts. 
Also delicious with sugar sprinkles on top!



In the words of Liz Gilbert, "now is the time to remember that humans are creative, resourceful, and resilient".  Let me assure you: we are all going to make it to the other side.  We come from survivors. Or we wouldn't be here right now.

Now, for a little studio news...

This week, we launched a new fundraiser! For every piece sold we will deliver one meal to a homebound senior citizen who needs it. We're excited to take our partnership with Meals on Wheels to the next level and we know whatever we do, we can do better. Together.

Many of us are not in the position to shop right now (including me). You don't have to buy anything to support us during this time - instead, you can share Grayling with friends, like our posts or just send us good vibes! Us cheering each other on matters the most.

For those who are interested, we are still offering 25% off sitewide with code 'EXTRASPARKLE'. 

Wishing you a weekend sprinkled with little pockets of ease,

Katy | Founder & Lead Designer 

photos: at home with Violet, 2018 | dogwood blossoms in Portland, 2019 | my favorite doorway in Cortona, Tuscany, 2012 | tree peony in Portland, 2017 | outside the Palais Royal in Paris, 2018 | my two favorite faces, Violet and Wally, in 2018

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  • Kathryn Craig

    I visited grayling while going to Portland for the first time. What an amazing experience. So friendly and helpful. I live in Ohio but will always keep checking in on the new items you guys create. Thank you so much for the amazing experience!

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