Rose Gold Jewelry is Here!

rose gold is hereWhen we opened our current brick-and-mortar location three years ago we began receiving requests for rose gold jewelry. By the time we received the hundredth ask for rose gold we started to pay attention!

It took several years to source the perfect rose gold hue. Nothing with too much copper or orange would do. We wanted a subdued yet radiant soft pink shade that would mix with yellow gold and platinum. The "right" rose gold also needed to be available in raw materials (chains, findings, wire) that made sense for our production team and equipment. Last but not least, "our" rose gold needed to be safe for sensitive skin. 

The search was fruitless for a few years (Grayling is still too small to request a custom alloy). Then, as if by magic, the perfect source for rose gold appeared when one of our metal suppliers was in town on a visit. They presented us with a new alloy in exactly the right shade of rose gold. It seemed too good to be true! With trepidation, we placed our materials order. I fiddled with the overall concept/story while Mey and Aimee worked on rings and earrings.

Fast forward to a few months ago -- we began to offer a small edit of Rose Gold styles in the store. The Grayling Team wear-tested the entire collection for almost a month. When feedback was nothing but positive we decided that the Rose Gold Collection needed to be a real thing!

As an expansion of our extremely popular FINE Collection, it makes sense to offer several of the same silhouettes in Rose Gold as well as a few new ones. Pieces like the Carina Necklace and our Essential Hoops feel fresh and feminine in a new pinkish hue that truly flatters every skin tone. Be sure to check out other new arrivals including the Essential Huggie Hoops and the new smaller version of our Diamond Hoops!

I hope you'll love Rose Gold as much as we do!


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