Could Plus-Sized Jewelry Save the World? Maybe.

We’re fully aware that jewelry alone won’t change the world. But maybe plus-sized jewelry could? Because honoring the experiences of all people does indeed shift the tides of the future. A future that’s marked by love, inclusivity, and kindness - free from judgment and prejudice - is one Grayling Jewelry is committed to helping build. 

So, buckle up, cuties, because we’re gonna talk about plus-sized jewelry. Let’s go!

“The real challenge relies in dismantling racism and fat-phobia within the industry—then, and only then, will we see fat folks have the same level of accessibility to sustainable and ethical options as their straight sizes peers.” 
- Alice Alexander Co.


As far as we have come in our culture to embrace our neighbors in all shapes and sizes, the availability of plus-sized jewelry is minimal to non-existent. The needs of the plus-sized community are vastly unmet in the jewelry industry. 

We can undoubtedly be grateful for the number of name brands now producing clothing for bigger bodies. But just like most clothing, perfectly fitting jewelry is still a luxury still held primarily by straight-sized shoppers

The dignity that comes with the choice, comfort, and self-expression (that's been intrinsic to straight sizing for decades) is seriously M.I.A. when it comes to jewelry.

For years jewelry has been treated with a one-size-fits-most approach. And for years, we, like so many brands, subscribed to this idea. As a company, we had a decisive moment when we realized how much harm we were doing by falling in line with this mindset. We also realized we had the power to make a fundamental change in the narrative but hadn't. 

Until now.

We invite you to step out of that outdated, static narrative with us. Let's leave behind the world that suggests what size we should be and instead step into a world that fits the size we actually areAnd let's feel damn good doing it.

Like all essential things that need doing, we decided to start with ourselves first. So we did our homework, consulted experts in the field and women who had experienced fit frustration at the ground level. We heard about countless experiences that left them frustrated, alienated, and feeling less than beautiful. 

We tuned into missions of some of our favorite size-inclusive clothing brands; Elizabeth Suzann StudioHackwith Design House, and Alice Alexander have inspired us endlessly. And the words and mission of slow fashion for fat bodies advocate Marielle Elizabeth left us even more motivated. 

The loudest voices of influence for us were two of our favorite body-positive Grayling fans, for whom we have been customizing jewelry pieces for years. It was indeed a joy to collaborate with them to bring our extended sizing initiative full circle. So, meet the voices of Anna Chapman and Candace Molatore: powerful and intelligent females based here in Portland, Oregon.

Anna Chapman - body-positive yoga teacher, size-inclusion educator, brand strategist and joy-creator

Candace Molatore
  - photographer, self-love advocate, and branding consultant

Candace and Anna's kindness to share was integral for us to see exactly where we needed to hold space and advocate for those who often feel like outsiders. Most importantly, their first-hand experience and wisdom communicated more than just sizing prowess but highlighted their vulnerabilities and frustrations due to the fashion industry. 

Their stories need to be heard, cared about, and designed for. 


We tried our best to do just that. After multiple rounds of testing, sampling, and photoshoots, we are delighted to offer Grayling fans our collaborative Size-Inclusive Jewelry CollectionThis line supplies a core offering that stays true to our signature elegant yet wearable look, and offers pieces for every body. We know we don't deserve a medal for our efforts. But, in reality, it's the bare minimum for companies to practice what they preach if inclusion is in their mission.


Within the Extended Sizing Collection, our rings are available from sizes 3-14, bracelets from 5.5"-9.5", and our necklaces come in multiple length options. Of course, if none of those fit the way you like, our inbox is always open for customization. We're committed to finding the perfect fit! 

You will not pay more for a perfect fit. Our prices reflect costs to produce pieces ethically. 

Not sure about your ring size? We have a handy Ring Sizer tool that ensures a perfect fit every time, and a quick At-Home Sizing Guide if you have a hunch but just need to do a quick reference point. 


Additionally, if just a little wiggle room is needed, we released our thoughtfully-designed Extender Chains for necklaces and bracelets. Available in 2" and 4" chains in various metal options, shoppers can make the jewelry they already own & love (no matter the brand) work harder, and smarter.

"The bottom line is that these vague catch-all (or -most) sizes are detrimental to the consumer. And when it comes to sustainable, ethical fashion, they’re yet another barrier to entry for people like me who want to shop more conscientiously. It’s time for a new sizing standard across the industry: a wide range of options, in multiple sizes to fit us all."  
- Anne H. Putnam, The Good Trade


The fashion industry has definitely made strides regarding fat-phobia. While that's genuinely welcome, there are still many miles to go. Jewelry feels like the perfect opportunity to continue pushing the envelope and elevate beauty in all people. 

We love seeing the jewelry we make on every kind of body. We are firm believers in creating modern pieces for all jewelry lovers, whatever your style, size, color, sex, or creed. Our hope is that all of our shoppers feel good in their own skin. We understand that using our work to amplify the voices of others is an important responsibility. So we're here - always ready to listen and continue learning from our communities to better meet the needs of ALL of our customers. 

We'll be expanding our size-inclusive range seasonally and will continue to introduce more plus-friendly jewelry styles. Stay tuned and thanks for being a part of the Grayling family!

We love you! xoxo 


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