We are stepping boldly into Grayling Jewelry's 13th year with a fresh dose of inspiration. Our new ​​STARDUST COLLECTION is the first of many to come with eye-catching pieces meant to awe and awaken. With hand-set brilliant white zirconia gems sprinkled across a universe of unique pieces, your next dazzling treasure awaits!

Captivating classics

Designed to go with everything, everywhere, feather-light and painstakingly finished. These will be an everyday workhorse and a true staple in your jewelry box.

Curated to the last detail

Our Stardust Collection is responsibly & sustainably handcrafted exclusively for Grayling in Thailand.
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Layers to live in

Created with comfort in mind, our layerable and stackable collection is designed to mix + match to keep up with your every mood.

Handcrafted quality

Every stone is ethically sourced and hand-set, one piece at a time, by a highly-skilled team of primarily woman artists.


 Lately, I’ve been finding inspiration and comfort from turning my gaze skyward to the vastness of the night sky. Taking a moment to breathe in the crisp evening air, to bask in the beauty of a star-filled sky on a clear night, reminds me that even in the darkness, our imperfect world is filled with wonder and light.

Our new Stardust Collection is rooted in the joy and hope that these small glimmers of light always seem to bring me. I hope you’ll wear these unique, sparkling pieces and see them as a reminder to look for the light in the darkness.

Whether you find it in the serenity of an inky black sky teeming with stars, the thrill of twinkling fireflies on a twilight walk, or the simple joy of a strand of fairy lights in your garden, I’m sending a bit of light and hope to each and every one of you.

Katy Kippen | Lead Designer & Founder

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