Style Tips: The Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

After several years of helping women find the perfect jewelry, I've learned a thing or two about what flatters. And, when it comes to earrings, we're all in luck! Finding the right earrings is quite simple (wahoo)! Here's a quick run through.


I have an oval-shaped, oblong face. The wrong earrings make my face even looooooooonger than it already is (OK, I'm probably a little more self-conscious than I should be)! I've learned wider earrings have the right proportions for me while long, thin earrings tend to overemphasize the narrowness of my jaw.

The most flattering pairs for an oval-shaped or oblong face tend to be round, like hoops, or square-like in their shape. For example, earrings with some width are a great option (like the two styles below).

Clean shapes such as these lend well to casual dressing, but you can certainly take a black top and jeans from staid to smokin' hot with a sparklier pair!


1. Archer French Fashion Earrings, 2. Biscayne Fashion Rebel Earrings



If you were blessed with a square jaw or rounder facial profile, there is one earring shape you should especially have on your radar: the slender earring. When you're shopping for earrings online, it can be hard to tell what styles to look for, so here's my best tip: keep your eyes peeled for slender silhouettes because they'll really compliment your facial features. 

Earrings with a longer line (see below) are beautiful against a square or rounded jawline. For a daytime look, keep other jewelry minimal and let the design of the earrings shine through. You'll look pulled together without being overdone.   

1. Osana Dainty Earrings, 2. Pinnacle Edgy Fashion Earrings

So there you have it, the quick and dirty on the best earrings for your face shape. Do you agree with me? What styles work best for you? I welcome your comments below...
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Apr 03, 2015

Teardrop earrings also look stunning on oval faces and for round face it’s better to choose earrings of thin to medium width.


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