How to Layer Necklaces: Minimal Jewelry Trend

When shopping for accessories, sometimes it’s most elegant when we keep things simple. Luckily, delicate simple jewelry is trending right now, and beautiful pieces are more affordable than ever. 

Keep all of your pieces in the same metal for a chic minimalist look!

Step 1

Start Short: shorter necklaces are usually 14 to 16 inches long and will fall just below your collar bone. It’s best to choose something very simple like the Basaltic Necklace ($58), Disc Necklace ($68) or Adelaide Pendant Necklace ($38).





Step 2

Layer On: add something a little longer, about 18 to 20 inches. Look for pieces that perform double duty, like the Basaltic Necklace ($58), the Deca Wrap Necklace ($84) or a plunging piece such as the Waverly Y Necklace ($78).



Step 3

Finish Long: complete the look with a very long necklace, 32 to 34 inches, you can go simple or statement. For a plunging neckline look try the Willow Necklace ($88) which even adds a fourth layer, or add extra interest with the Hampton Convertible Necklace ($118) or the Souk Necklace ($128).



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