Summer Style: High Low Looks

Lately our Pinterest feed has been teeming with stylish images of summer looks. But, we all know buying new pieces just for one season can stress our budget. No one wants to spend summer vacation funds on outfits alone! So we put together a round up of our favorites with high and low options just for you.

Hot Days and Sweet Shorts | Casual & Comfortable

High: 1. Straw Mesa Hat 2. Etta Hoop Earrings 3. Linen Embroidered Top 4. Menara Chain Necklace 5. Linen Pull-On Shorts 6. Menara White Bracelet

Low: 1. Maxine Crystal Earrings 2. Colorblock Straw Hat 3. Sketched Cotton Tee 4. Souk Quartz Necklace 5. Eyelet Shorts  6. Raptor Silver Bracelet

Denim, Black and White | Button downs & skirts

High: 1. Erika Ray Ban Sunglasses 2. Prism Earrings 3. Nina Crystal Necklace 4. Chambray Pocket Shirt 5. Crystalline Gold Bracelet 6. Summer Jacquard Skirt 7. Suede D'Orsay Flats

Low: 1. Sunglasses 2. Tangier Gold Studs 3. Chambray One Pocket Shirt 4. Eartha Pearl Necklace 5. Curvette Necklace 6. Flared Feather Skirt 7. Color Block Flats

Flowing Pastels | Long skirts & light fabrics

High: 1. Swarovski Studs 2. Costa Mona Maxi Dress 3. Lyra Convertible Necklace 4. Passion Duo Lipgloss 5. Lyra Brass Bracelet 6. Helix Cuff 7. Adler Strappy Sandals

Low: 1. Lyra Stud Earrings 2. Sleeveless Blouse 3. Long Last Lipgloss 4. Prism Tassel Necklace 5. Knee Length Skirt  6. Minaret Brass Bracelet 7. Ankle Wrap Wedges

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