Assembling a stylish bracelet stack is no easy task. You have to blend different metals, finishes and shapes and we’re here to help. Whether you like to stack 'em high as a skyscraper or prefer a more understated look, we’ve got you covered. And don't miss our Bracelet Personality Quiz to find your perfect accessory!

Step 1

Start with something simple but shiny like the Striped Viper Mixed Metal Bracelet or the Raptor Simple Chain Bracelet.



Step 2

Balance out the subtle bracelet with a bigger statement piece, such as the Caviar Bracelet or the bold Aegean Chain Bracelet.


Step 3

Add some sparkle! You can never go wrong with more chain and baubles by adding the Lyra Crystal Bracelet or the Menara Sparkle Chain Bracelet.



Skip the stack and create a statement with a single piece. The Crystalline Bracelet has 9 strands of chains and beads and the Etta Pearl Bracelet is a statement in itself!




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