Jewelry Ideas: 7 Storage Solutions and Quick Fixes

Treat your jewelry as art with a shadow box display. Simply remove the glass and use sewing pins or push pins to hang your most artful pieces.



Use a vintage glove mold or hand statue to store rings and bracelets. Now your jewelry is a home accessory too!

With this jewelry idea you can store smaller items, like earrings, in a ceramic egg crate or deviled egg tray. Each pair has its own cup.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to fasten a bracelet on your own? Grab a paper clip or two to hold that pesky end in place.

Need your long pendant necklace just a little shorter? Use a safety pin to make your long necklace short!

To keep your necklaces tangle free during travel, thread them through a straw. You can also cut the straw down for shorter necklaces and bracelets.

When you’re traveling, keep your earrings together with a button! 


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