Latest Jewelry Trends: 5 Essential Jewelry Items & Style Tips

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What five essential jewelry items should every woman have in her jewelry box? I went on TV recently to answer that very question! 

Let me back up and start by saying this: accessorizing is a struggle for almost every woman I work with. If you are stumped by jewelry… take comfort, because you're in good company!  

But, when it comes to accessories, it's important to remember one key thing. The whole point of jewelry is to ADD something fun to your life...not to steal your thunder! So, if the thought of picking out jewelry makes you shudder, it might be time to revamp the way you think about it. Forget about the rules you've heard. Allow yourself to experiment and have fun! 

With all that in mind, I'd like to highlight five pieces of jewelry that make getting dressed easier. You can inject some glamour into your everyday routine (without much effort) when you have these babies on hand.

Without further ado, here are my expert jewelry stylist picks...with bonus styling tips included!

1. Essential Jewelry Item Number One: Classic Pendant Necklace 

Why do I need a Classic Pendant Necklace? A classic pendant necklace with a larger drop can be worn endlessly. Try a version with ayered chains like in our Linea Convertible Travel Necklace (above). Pendant necklaces are a modern way to wear jewelry without feeling over-accessorized.

What do I wear it with? Try pairing a classic pendant necklace with a blazer for a timeless, modern look that will turn heads. Feeling casual? This style works beautifully over a simple tee, too:

classic pendant necklace
Above: Linea Necklace, Grayling Jewelry


2. Essential Jewelry Item Number Two: Stacked Rings

Why do I need Stacked Rings? Stacked rings are a fun way to update rings you already own, like your favorite cocktail ring or wedding band. A slim stack of simple gold and silver bands does wonders. 

What do I wear it with? These are so easy because you can wear these with anything, casual or dressy. Mix and match metals to your liking:

Above: Slim Stacking Ring, Favor Jewelry


3. Essential Jewelry Item Number Three: Modern Stud Earrings

Why do I need Modern Stud Earrings? Modern Stud Earrings are a wonderful alternative to more traditional diamonds or pearls, with the same timeless, versatile appeal. Whether 18 or 80, all ages can wear them. 

What do I wear it with? These are the perfect thing to wear with a Statement Necklace or a Classic Pendant Necklace. Purchase a pair in gold and a pair in silver (like these) for endless options: 

Above: Sunset Rocks II Earrings, Upper Metal Class


4. Essential Jewelry Item Number Four: Chain Bracelet

Why do I need a Chain Bracelet? Chain bracelets are taking over as the new "must-have" for wrists. As a bonus, they're super easy to wear during the day. Multi-strand chain bracelets like the Menara Edgy Street Style Bracelet brighten up even the most basic of outfits.

What do I wear it with? Don't be afraid to get creative. You can layer a Chain Bracelet with pieces that might be hiding in bottom of your jewelry box (time to break out those bangles from the 80's)! My rule with mixing styles and colors is…go for it!

Above: Menara Edgy Street Style Chain Bracelet, Grayling Jewelry


5. Essential Jewelry Item Number Five: Statement Necklace

Why do I need a Statement Necklace? A statement necklace (like the Andaluz Edgy Rocker Necklace) is utterly versatile. It makes a basic tee feel refined and black dresses you've had for years look brand new (as my fashion-writer girlfriend just said, "Don't buy a new dress, just buy a new necklace")!

What do I wear it with? My favorite way to wear a statement necklace is with slouchy boyfriend jeans or a moto jacket, or paired with a crisp button-down shirt instead of pearls. Worried a statement necklace will overwhelm you? Try a slightly smaller version, like this one, to let the real you shine:

Above: Andaluz Edgy Rocker Necklace, Grayling Jewelry


Do you agree with my picks? Which piece or pieces appeal to you most? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

And, remember that thing I said earlier about forgetting the rules and having fun? Good! The next time you're standing in front of your jewelry box or dresser, don't overthink it!

Yours in Bling,



1. Classic Pendant Necklace
2. Stacked Rings
3. Modern Stud Earrings
4. Chain Bracelet
5. Statement Necklace

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